Top 15 Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Park in Kerala

Kerala is known as “God’s own Country” with sun kissed beaches and exotic hill stations. But, at the same time, Kerala is also the land of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. The grandeur and beauty of the nature ability is abundant of the wildlife creatures. The mysterious environments, wild creatures, nature’s abundance, etc. are some of the things to look out for in wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. You can get thrilling experiences and enjoyable holiday in Kerala with safaris in national parks, etc. There are many packages which can provide you with these experiences. The best wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are listed as under:

1. Periyar wildlife sanctuary

This is also called as Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary. The important part of the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is the Periyar Lake where thousands of animals come to quench their thirsts. The sanctuary is spread over a wide acre of land. Many local, strange and endangered species are found in the wildlife sanctuary. People come from foreign lands just to get a view of these endangered species. There are about 143 species found in this sanctuary. And to top it all, there are many activities provided here such as elephant riding, riding in jungle, etc. The best time to visit is November to May.


2. Idukki Wildlife sanctuary
The Idukki sanctuary is spread across vast area and it has dense forests and huge range of wildlife. The boat rides in the sanctuary provides happiness to the guests and they can get the glimpses of the animals that lives in water. Wild dogs, jungle cats, tigers, etc. are some of the animals that are found in this sanctuary. Forest trekking is possible with the help of forest permission. The scenes are breath taking and it is great to walk in the forests.

3. Chinnar wildlife sanctuary
This wildlife sanctuary is considered as a world heritage site by UNESCO and there are instructions on preserving this sanctuary always. It is located over an area of 90 sq km. and it is quite different from other sanctuaries because it rains only 48 days in a year. It is practically ideal for some kind of vegetation. Waterfalls, sandalwood forests, trekking, camping, etc. are some of the other attractions of the place. Certain watch towers are also made in the sanctuary which helps people to see all the animals from a distance.


4. Neyyar Wildlife sanctuary
Neyyar wildlife sanctuary is not much big than all other sanctuaries present. It includes all kinds of animals such as tiger, bears, deers, leopards, sloths, etc. This sanctuary also has an elephant rehabilitation center which helps elephants to recover back to their health again for those who remain sick. And top it , there is a crocodile farm which breeds around 20 mugger crocodiles and people always go to this sanctuary to see this farm. The lion and tiger safaris help people to see all the different kinds found here. Nature and village walks are also provided in this sanctuary.


5. Aralam Wildlife sanctuary
The Aralam wildlife sanctuary is known for the hill ranges present in this sanctuary. There are semi evergreen forests and the highest peak is the Katti Betta. You will find a wide variety of plants and animals there. Some of the animals found here are squirrels, leopards, jungle cats, etc. Trekking is great in the hill ranges. You will be provided with the trekking things that you need.  You can choose the packages that would be most suitable to you.


6. Parambikulam Tiger Reserve
This reserve is the best reserve for protection of tigers and it is located in the Palakkad district. With the help of this reserve, it is seen that the number of tigers is increasing every day. Various birds are also found here. The best thing to get here is bird watching where you will be provided with binoculars or other things that can help you to watch birds.


7. Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary
This is the second oldest wildlife sanctuary present in Kerala. It is surrounded by 2 reservoirs named Peechi and Vaazhani. This is the thing that is which is to be looked out for in this sanctuary.


8. Mangavalam Bird sanctuary
It is home to mangrove forests which lead to the home of exotic birds and also migratory birds which come here every year when the season is right. There is a shallow lake in the middle of the sanctuary where many birds come either to catch prey or simply to bath and relax. The area is open and there is no coverage in the sanctuary.


9. Salim Ali bird Sanctuary
This sanctuary is located in the Western Ghats and it is home to Hornbills, Rose-Billed Roller, Peninsular Bay Owl, etc. are some of the many birds that are found here. There is also a deer park where deer are found in the open space and they are kept in a good way.


10. Wayanad wildlife sanctuary
The main purpose of setting up this sanctuary was to protect the biological reserve and also all the animals. Many tribes are found here and they live by taking things from the sanctuary.


11. Kumarakom Wildlife sanctuary
The Vembanad Lake is present in the sanctuary and it is amidst the green paddy fields and also the mangrove forests. Local birds such as waterfowl, owl, egret, heron, etc. are found in this sanctuary.


12. Eravikulam National Park
It is a famous trekking destination and is the largest home to Asian elephants which is not found in any other place. The trekking starts for 2-3 days and guests will enjoy it fully.


13. Shenduruny wildlife sanctuary
The main part of the wildlife sanctuary is that it was formed in the Indus valley civilization period. There is a cave in the sanctuary and there are ancient paintings in the cave.


14. Peppara wildlife sanctuary
It is a hill station and the sanctuary holds a lot many of animals and exotic birds. Wild boar, langur, etc. are some of the animals that are found here. People love visiting this place.


15. Silent Valley national park
It is a rain forest which remains silent most of the time, and the sound of the rain drops can be heard and felt by the visitors. Wanderoos are the important animal found here.

These are the best national parks found here! Come visit this place!


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