Top 10 Best Spas in Kerala

Kerala is a land of Ayurveda and spa centers.  One can relax their minds and body with the exotic treatment of spa with the help of essential oils with good aroma that accentuates the whole area. These spas in Kerala help in full rejuvenation of the body and mind and it treats any kind of disease or problem in a body. Ayurveda is a unique invention of the Indians and the spa centers in Kerala provides foreign guests with the treasured science of India. Many hotels in Kerala also provide one with the well being of spa treatment. It comes within the budget of the people. But some people demand for the best spa and the luxurious ayurveda spa in Kerala are listed as under:

Athreya Ayurvedic Resort:

The concept of this spa center is the beginning of a healthy life. It provides the world class Ayurveda treatment to its visitors and apart from the treatments and the spas; it also excels in organizing dental classes for its guests so that they come to know of the techniques too. The entire resort is made with thatched bamboos so that it gives a surreal feeling to its visitors and everything is found less than one roof. The guests get the taste of healthy foods being cooked here.

The Leela:

The Leela is the perfect place for spa and rejuvenation. If anyone is preparing to have a beach holiday in Kerala, then Leela is the ideal place for staying. The spa center is located amidst the sea and with the tranquil and fresh breeze flowing from the sea, the experience of spa becomes more enlightening and beautiful.


Niraayama is considered as the most luxury resort that has been built for the satisfaction of the visitors. The spa center provides special amenities for weight loss, diet control, etc. All kinds of skin ailments can also be reduced with the help of the spa treatment. The best part of the spa is that one can savoir to the delicacies of Kerala served on banana leaves.

Kairali Ayurvedic health resort:

Situated in the beautiful greenery and bountiful surroundings of nature, The Kairali Ayurvedic health resort is constructed with red stones and these are unique villas which are fully air conditioned. The resort provides vegetarian food for the healthy lifestyle of the people who come to stay in these villas. The Ayurveda treatments are done in the spa center with the help of special oils. Wellness training classes are also provided here along with classes of yoga and meditation. The vegetarian restaurants help to maintain the weight of a person and make them active.

Blackberry Hills retreat and spa:

This spa resort is located on the hills of tea plantations and the Blackberry Hills Retreat and Spa are designed in the colonial style with suites made in the form of cottages. The wooden floors, the scenic views from the valleys, etc. add to the charm of the spa retreat. Yoga and Ayurveda are featured in the spa center of the Hills Retreat and spa. The restaurant gives training to people regarding cooking classes so that they can cook healthy dishes for themselves.

The Raviz Resort and spa:

The location of the Raviz Resort and spa is very beautiful and it is very near to the Kozhikode beach. The fitness center of the resort is vast and it is quite spacious. It consists of beds on the wooden planks where people lay down and they are given spas with the help of special oils which are good for the body. The rooms are also very comfortable and spacious enough for the people. The fitness room of the resort is kept in a clean and good way. The cost of the resort is expensive but it is totally worth the cost.

Nattika Beach Ayurveda resort:

This Ayurveda resort provides the best of yoga, meditation and spa centers which are designed in a unique way for the visitors. The resort is designed in the form of villas with expert hospitable facilities provided to its guests. In the spa centers, the entire body composition is checked and the correct therapy and diet is decided based on that.

ShinShiva Ayurvedic resort:

The ambiance of the resort is refreshing and great which takes people in the aura of its sophistication. The resort is located in the sea side which makes the view even greater. The Ayurvedic spa center provides you with all the healing therapies that you need in your body. It also helps in the treatment of mental problems to any problem related to infertility.

Ideal Ayurvedic resort:

The Ideal Ayurvedic resort provides for rejuvenating spas and treatment facilities to its guests. The accommodation look modern and chic with every facility provided to its guests. The traditional and best amenities are provided at world class rates and with the expert guidance of professionals, training are also given to the people.

The river retreat heritage ayurvedic spa resort:

This spa resorts provides one with all the facilities that are needed for a luxurious stay of a person. The Ayurveda centre is known as Holy Basil and it offers facial treatments, healing therapies and what not!! The meditation sessions help in relaxing the mind and body to the full.

These are the best spa centers in Kerala! Do come here for an awesome experience!

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