10 Kerala Food Delicacies That You MUST Try

Kerala is one such state in India who specializes in food. They have so many delicacies that it is nearly impossible to choose which one to have from all. The main ingredients used in preparation of their dishes include coconut. Coconut oil and milk are used while preparing the dishes and graded coconut is used to decorate the dish to make it look more pleasant. And to top it, the spices used in Kerala have huge amount of flavors in them and it gives the dishes a different kind of aroma which nearly makes Kerala food the best. Kerala is also famous for the preparation of sea food and they make all kinds of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. These are the most famous Kerala dishes which must be tried at least once:

1. Unniyappam:
A traditional dish of Kerala, the Unniyappam takes golden brown and deep fried color made of jaggery, rice flour and banana. The dish is sweet and soft from the inside. A must needed dish in every function or occasion.

2. Pazham Pori:
Pazham Pori is one such dish which is not found in any other part of India. It is a snack prepared in the evenings when people sit and have snacks together. This snack has a crispy outing and the inner part of the snack is soft and delicate. Ripe bananas and flour are used to make this dish. The Pazham take a yellow color when fried and taken with tea or coffee.

3. Karimeen Pollichathu:
Karimeen is found in the back waters of Kerala and is the most soughed dish prepared in house boats. In this dish, fish is marinated first and then it is wrapped in banana leaf and kept to bake. After the baking, the fish is also grilled. The banana leaf also adds taste to the fish and makes it delicious.

4. Kerala chicken curry:
A thick gravy chicken, brown in color which prepared in a simple style, but yet it is so relishing that you will love every bit of it. The chicken curry is also prepared using different spices and left in the clay pots to cook. Roasted coconut and coconut milk are also some of the other essential ingredients which give this dish its taste. The dish is garnished with the use of curry leaves.

5. Kerala Biryani:
When you think of making Biryani, the selection of rice is what matters the most. The rice should be thin and soft for making biryani. Biryani is a favorite of all at all times. Biryani is prepared using rice, chicken and different kinds of spices. You will know if the biryani is tasty with the aroma that you get when you are cooking Biryani. Malabar Biryani is that in which Khaima rice is used which has a unique taste and flavour.  Biryani is prepared for any function in a Kerala home.

6. Sadya:
Many people frantically look for heavy appetite for which Sadya is the best kind of preparation. It includes rice and many different kinds of curries present in the dish and served on banana leaves. The leaf is placed in such an order that all of the ingredients can be positioned in a proper way.  Payasam is also made in the end. A vegetarian dish which is most often taken in special occasions and ceremonies.

7. Kappa:
Kappa, also known as Tapioca, is a preparation of mashed potatoes is best taken with Kerala fish curry. Kappa is a dish which is taken in house boats because it is a refreshing and sour taste dish which is great for every occasion. Kappa can be prepared as a breakfast dish, or as a starter. The best part of the dish is the sour sauce which makes it a mouth watering dish. This dish can be taken with any kind of snack. Kappa can be taken with any kind of curry as the preparation of the dish is made in that way.

8. Avial:
Avial is just the dish which is taken with Sadya in most cases.  Avial is the preparation of rice with the use of lots of vegetables and coconut milk. While preparation of the dish, the vegetables are first cut into thin slices and then they are baked with garlic, beaten curd, graded coconut and coconut oil. The color of the dish is eye appealing and the dish itself is quite healthy and appetizing.

9. Kerala Fish curry:
Kerala Fish curry is one of the favorite food dishes for non vegetarian Kerala People. This dish is prepared in special occasions to celebrate it with zest and enthusiasm. The curry is red in color because of the fish tamarind used in the process. Fish Tamarind helps in making the dish sour which is the main part. Other ingredients used are fenugreek, coriander leaves, chilli powder, curry leaves, etc. to give it a great taste. Kerala Fish curry is a healthy recipe as it is cooked in clay pots so that the fish gets baked and the fish gets a delicious taste.

10. Palada Paysam:
Kerala people are quite fond of sweet foods and so, they have a dessert after their dinner. Palada Payasam is one such sweet dish which is taken especially after dinner. This sweet dish is taken after sadya in most cases. The payasam takes a slight pink color and milk and sugar are added in a good proportion to make the dish sweet. Palada Payasam is made using rice and it is served on banana leaves which give it a unique taste. Cashew nuts and raisins are also used to garnish the dish.

These are the must try dishes of Kerala. Plan a trip to Kerala and have these mouth watering dishes!

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