10 Famous Historical Monuments of Kerala

Kerala is filled with ancient landmarks and historic monuments. These historical monuments are sure to attract both Indians as well as foreigners. The cause of Foreign invasion has left many stories of colonialism for this place and people are also interested in knowing something of the past. The royal forts, palaces, etc. all have a history behind them and people come here to check these out and know about them in detail. Kerala truly has a rich heritage and culture which helps them to be different from the rest of the states of India. The famous historical monuments are listed as under:


Anjuthengu Fort:

The importance of this place came from the presence of coconut tress all over the fort. There is not a single place where you won’t find coconut trees. This Fort was established by the British in the 17th Century and it was a major trading center of the East India Company. The business took place from this Fort. This fort was also the first signalling station for the ships which used to come to the harbor. The Fort is spread over a wide span and most of the fort has been ruined but the remains still are there.

Bekal Fort:

The Bekal Fort is located in such magnificent locations which make the fort unique in itself. The water tank is present right at the stairway of the fort. The other importance of this fort is that a mosque and Hanuman Temple are located just at the start of the Bekal Fort. Winters and summers are the best time to visit this fort because it looks beautiful with the wind gushing in from all the sides and in summers, you will feel fresh and energized.

Hill Palace:

The largest museum in Kerala is the Hill palace. The museum depicts the royal family of Cochin and it has carvings, paintings, largely decorated beds and ornaments laden in the beds which are preserved even today. The museum is done in the archaeological way and it is tried to be preserved from many decades. The Museum is open from 9 am to 5 pm every day except on Mondays.

Padmanabhuram Palace:

It is a wooden palace which has been preserved for the visitors to know about the history of the palace. There are many floral carvings on the walls of the palace which are exquisite and made in black glassy mosaic floor. Visitors are not allowed to wear footwear inside the palace so that the shine off the floor does not get disturbed in any way. November to May is the favorable time to visit this palace as during this time, the walls and the floor shines and people get to see the real beauty of the palace.

Dutch Palace:

The Dutch Palace was constructed by the Portuguese and the Dutch during the reign when Portuguese first came to India. The roofs of the palace are slopping and slanting and the walls are striking white color. The walls of the palace have been preserved by coloring them from time to time. There is also a small temple inside the palace which has stories of Hindu Mythology and you will be amazed by the amount of information that they had with themselves. The Dutch Palace is very close to Cochin and one can choose the roadway or they can take the boat services to reach the palace easily.

Thalassery Fort:

This Fort was the center for military of British in the olden days. There are secret tunnels and underground chambers present in the fort through which the British colonial used to enter and if any kind of war was about to happen, they used to fled away from the secret channels. The doors are carved with designs on the walls and this fort is close to the station. One can take bus or auto to reach the place.

Gundert Bungalow:

The Gundert Bungalow has very much significance for the Malayalam people because the compiler of the Malayalam dictionary and the creator of the oldest newspaper in Malayalam lived in this bungalow for 20 years. This was the bungalow where the newspaper and the dictionary were made by Dr. Hermann Gundert. The bungalow is close Kannur and it is easily accessible with the help of bus service. October to May is the perfect time to come to this bungalow as it they can get to know about the inventions in details.

Kanakanunu palace:

This palace is situated amidst the grooves, shrubs and trees and any nature lover would be delighted when they visit this place. The inside of the palace is beautifully done with the royal furniture and the crystal chandeliers which make the palace look even more gorgeous. The palace has been changed into a guest house and people do stay here at times.

Kannur Fort:

The Kannur Fort is located in the sea side of the Arabian Sea. This fort is one of the important monuments in Kerala and it is accessible from Kannur railway station. There are tunnels and dungeons in the fort and it is spread over a vast acre of land.

Paalkkad Fort:

This Fort is famous because of the Mysorean invasion and the British colonialism. The fort is situated right in the center of the town of Palakkad. This fort is visited by people from world over.

These are the top 10 historical monuments in Kerala. Kerala has abundant knowledge to offer to its visitors.

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