10 Best Kerala Landmarks

Kerala is known for its beautiful scenery and bountiful nature which people are excited to see every time they plan of visiting Kerala. Kerala is also named as “God’s Own land”! It is full of beaches and places where people can relax and enjoy sometime. Kerala is a paradise in itself which is just enough to love adventure and travelling. It is a romantic gateway where couples are also eager to go.  Along with that, there are many places of attraction in Kerala which can make you go crazy over it! The best landmarks of Kerala are listed as under:


The hills of Munnar have been famous from the British times and it was designed for the purpose of tea plantation and one can find vast areas of land which are full of tea cultivation. Munnar is a romantic destination with the clouds touching the tea plantations and with bungalows and cute home stays that can make the experience more delightful.  The old and ancient feel in Munnar has its own charm and magic and the best time to visit Munnar is during October to March as the weather is perfect for a drive or candle light dinner in one of the cosy restaurants available there.



With exotic flora and fauna present in Kumarakon and pleasant sceneries which are so beautiful, Kumarakon is the expedient place for Vembanad Lake. It is close to the backwaters where you will get to taste of authentic Kerala food that can arouse your taste buds. There are privileges of staying in houseboats in Kumarakon which offers a quiet environment to the guests. The paddy fields, lakes and the coconut trees can make you groove to the place.  You can do a lot of activities such as boating, cruising, fishing, etc. and can spend the day. The resorts are excellent and it can provide a homely style of staying.


Alleppey is the place with the origin of the backwaters of Kerala. The best thing that a person looks for in Alleppey is stay in a houseboat which moves in the backwaters. The lakes in this region are filled with water lilies which make the lakes look splendid and grand. The best part of Alleppey is its food which is served in banana leafs and cooked in coconut milk. The roads and the pathways are clean and kept in a good way.  The best time to visit Alleppey is September to Mid May. Another attraction of the place is the Snake Boat ride which happens every year.


Thekkady is known for its rich wildlife and the dense forests and fauna. Lions, tigers, boars, Great Indian Tigers, etc. can all are found in the region of Thekkady. Thekkady offers trekking offers to its visitors which are loved by visitors. Boating and wildlife seeing are the best things to look out for in Thekkady. It has abundant beauty and lush greenery. Periyar Lake is famous for the boating facilities that it provides. The best time to visit is Early November to Early May.  Deep World Spice gives the best of spices in the world.


Kovalam beach is the best beach in Kerala with the waves gushing from the shores and the lined up coconut trees present there. The sea shore is of crescent shape and it has many activities lined up for its visitors. Parasailing and gliding are available in the beaches which makes people come back to this place. People from different cultures come to this place.



Vagamon is a silent and quiet hill station which is located in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. There are mystical gardens, tea plantations, valleys and what not! All of the gardens in Vagamon are manicured which helps in providing fresh air to the visitors. The waterfalls and hills are something to see. The resorts are located at a height which gives more essence of the hill station.



Bekal is famous for the presence of Bekal Fort in it. The Bekal Fort is located in such magnificent locations which make the fort unique in itself. The water tank is present right at the stairway of the fort. The other importance of this fort is that a mosque and Hanuman Temple are located just at the start of the Bekal Fort. Winters and summers are the best time to visit this fort because it looks beautiful with the wind gushing in from all the sides and in summers, you will feel fresh and energized.



Wayanad is a region which is full of paddy fields and tea plantations all the year round. Wayanad is more of a man made region with rich tribal culture available there. Many small waterfalls can be found in the region which makes it look even lovelier.



Kozhikode is more influenced with the British and Dutch architecture and the city has more of these designs and styles. The region is also known for its Malabar food with its rich spices and flavors. Dum Biryani should be tasted once when in this place.



Varkala is famous for the sea beaches and indulgence in activities such as parasailing, horse riding, etc. The sun rays hitting the earth make this place serene and surreal. A must visit place in Kerala.

These are the important landmarks in Kerala. Be sure to visit them when you are in the region.

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